About Me

Hello! :-) My name is Kasper Müller.
I think to know someone, besides personality and character, you need to learn their passions. So let me just tell you my passions and believes. Not only because this is 'About Me', but also to get my own thoughts aligned and my goals in order.
There are many passions in my life. One of the main ones is understanding. I just love knowing how stuff works and why things are the way that they are. Once I have a good understanding of a topic I am also passionate about helping others to this level of understanding. I see it as a life goal to get better at this, to be able to help myself and help other people.
A big passion for me is scouting. I have been a scout since I was barely 5. I love the challenge and doing interesting and fun things with close friends every week. I am also cub scout leader, something that gives me a lot of fulfillment.
Another goal of mine is to make this world just a tad bit more productive and thoughtful. This by providing comments, products, tools and programms that aid in efficiency or challenge the mind in someway.
As you might have guessed, I like doing many different things. Everyday is a thrill, but I also have problems finishing something before jumping onto the next new thing.
That is also part of this site, to motivate myself to finish all my hobby projects so I can put them on here ;-)

What I do

Currently I am studying Electrical Engineering at the University of Twente. I am also working on a big engineering project that I cannot tell much about (yet). In my spare time I work on multiple hobby projects and sometimes take on freelance work. Right now most of my work has been on websites and back-end systems. I am also experienced in (linux) system and database management. You can [soon] checkout some of the stuff I have made under the website tab.


Interested in something I do? Got any recomendations or suggestions? Don't hesitate to send me a mail!
If you want me to do something for you, mail as well. I will get back to you and if I am interested negotiate a quote with you.
NameKasper Müller